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Pastor Bugingo fears losing me, says Susan Makula

Susan Makula Nantaba, the fiancée of Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, believes a relationship can only be strong if your partner is trying so hard to keep you interested.

According to the media personality, her and Bugingo have mutual feelings toward each other.

“I fear losing my spouse. He fears losing me. If you don’t fear losing what you love, then you don’t love it,” she said during The Junction, a show she co-hosts with Auntie Sue and Parvin Nampima Ssenkubuge.

After her submission, Auntie Sue asked her if she was trying so hard to keep the pastor and she responded, saying that it’s important to show your partner that you are committed to growing the relationship stronger.

Parvin said she feels bad when her partner takes four hours without answering her calls.

In a separate video, Makula said that one of the things that have kept her relationship with the House of Prayer Ministries International senior pastor growing is because he knows what makes her tick.

“There is a man who can study you and he knows which buttons to touch,” she said.

Makula, 36, said that she has not been angry since she started dating Pastor Bugingo whom she allegedly snatched from Teddy Naluswa in 2019.

“I buried all my exes,” she said, referring to lyrics from Onina by Baza Baza.

Susan Makula has previously said that when she ends a relationship, she does everything to ensure all memories are erased.

“My ex had bought me a car… He bought me land. Rented a house for me. When we split, I asked him, to whom should I give them. I gave the car to his mother. I hired a lawyer to transfer the land,” she said while speaking about one of her former relationships.

“I left everything that was in the house behind. Bags… everything that he had bought me, I have to leave them behind. I don’t want a point of contact… I don’t want anything that will make me remember. That’s how I break up,” she added.

“I don’t want to start a new relationship and we are using a television screen belongs to my ex.”

She also advised women to always strive for adding value to their partners.

“Of all the things you want to take to the relationship, there is something called value addition. You are with a man for five years and nothing has changed,” she said.

“You married him with a hoofer… You are the helper… At least help him change the dress code. if the dress code has failed, at least build a house. What have you added to the man? Then you sit down and complain about President [Yoweri] Museveni doing nothing. What have you done for your husband?”

Susan Makula introduced Pastor Aloysius Bugingo 2021, but they couldn’t proceed to wed because Naluswa opened a case at Kawempe Police Station accusing her husband of contracting a new marriage while still legally married.

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