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Pastor Bugingo Reveals Why He’s So Much In Love With His Mistress

House of Prayer International Ministries lead pastor, Aloysious Bugingo, has revealed why he loves his mistress/wife Susan Makula so much.

While appearing on Spark TV’s Koona program, Bugingo said that Makula is a great thinker.

There isn’t anything that he asks her and she doesn’t respond. She always has an answer ready to solve a crisis. And this is what makes Bugingo fall in love with her deeper. Bugingo said this after he was asked how Makula inspires him.

“Makula is a thinker. You can’t fail to get an answer from her. She’s always prepared for everything thrown at her,” said Bugingo.

The controversial pastor also shared his likes for secular music.

Bugingo has been seen on several occasions dancing to secular music. He revealed that he enjoys any song by band music singer Maureen Nantume. Bebe Cool’s song Jenvudde is another he enjoys since it reminds him of his past.

Makula who was also on the show also had her side to tell. She criticized those who use social media for the wrong reasons.

According to her if the platforms are wrongly used, they become a nuisance. She also wondered what business married people have on such platforms.

“The platforms are okay to use but the problem comes when people use them wrongly. Some people use them for good while other people use them for evil. I don’t know why a married person would be on those platforms. You are searching no more,” said Makula.

Whoever told Makula that social media platforms are for people searching for love needs divine cleansing. She also further expressed her desire for secular music.

A die hard of Bebe Cool and a member of his Gagamel family, Makula said that she loves Mesach Ssemakula’s Onkuba song. To her there is no relationship that can last without admiration. She therefore admires her man all the time.

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