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PM Nabbanja urges Ugandans to replace soap with pawpaw leaves

The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja has advised Ugandans who are decrying the escalating prices of essential commodities like soap to consider substituting it with pawpaw tree leaves.

Nabbanja who recently addressed media said when she was a child, she hustled and faced the hardest situations of life. She says Ugandans too can withstand the high costs of living and prevail.

“Last time I was watching news and I saw people complaining about shops having different prices, what should the government do now?,” she asked. “And those saying soap price is high, I remember when I was growing up we used to use pawpaw tree leaves to wash, they can resort to that if soap is expensive,” she added.

Nabbanja’s advice comes at a time when the price of soap is between UGX 8,000 to 10,000. Government in its statement as said by the state minister for trade Harriet Ntabaazi asked Ugandans to endure the situation. She said Uganda is a free market economy where prices are determined by forces of demand and supply.

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