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Police confirm poisoning as cause of death of two minors in Bukedea district

Police have confirmed that the case in Bukedea district where two minors died and three other family members are hospitalized is one of poisoning.

The incident happened on Saturday night.

Geresem Opio, 6, and his younger brother, Dan Ochom, 3 died while their mother, Rebecca Ibukunyat, 45 was hospitalized with another sister to the deceased identified as Josephine Atim 18 years and a brother of 10 years.

The victims are all from one family of Paul Omokori and Rebecca Ibukunyat.

The case details indicate that on Saturday night, the family ate food laced with poison. According to Omokori, one of their neighbours identified as Kizito Obaye offered his family vegetables for supper while he was away.

A report from the Police Surgeon Dr Barnabas Rubanza indicates that the gastrointestinal tract lining had issues that are consistent with poisoning. The postmortem report conducted at Mbale City Mortuary also shows that all the external features were normal except in the abdomen which contained undigested food comprising cassava and millet with greens found in the stomach.

Oscar Gregg Ageca, the East Kyoga Regional Police Spokesman says that they have taken some samples including parts of the kidney and liver for toxicology tests at the government analytical laboratory.

Ageca also noted that the police have not yet made any arrests in relation to the matter until the laboratory test results are out. He added that investigations into the poisoning cases are complex and require cooperation from the members of the community.

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