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Precious Remmie set to introduce hubby Raymond Bindeeba to her parents

Spark TV presenter Precious Remmie is in the finals stages of preparing to hold an introduction ceremony where she will be officially unveiling her hubby Raymond Bindeeba to her parents.

The event is reportedly set to happen tomorrow (Friday 24th July, 2022) at her parents home in Kyebando and will be attended by guests on only-invite tickets.

The traditional marital function is to have a few guests since Precious Remmie is certain that she has a lot of bad mind people behind her back who have for long predicted that her relationship with Bindeeba will end in tears.

In the past few months, Precious Remmie has been involved in a couple of back and forth fights with different people over her hubby Raymond Bindeeba.

Rumors have always circulated accusing Bindeeba of being a dead-beat father who doesn’t care about the children he has with other women.

We wish Precious Remmie ahead of yet another serious step in her love life with hubby Raymond Bindeeba.

Congratulations Remmie!

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