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Prima Kardashi Brands Mr. Henrie Stupid As War Escalates

Prima Kardashi has branded Mr. Henrie stupid after the Galaxy FM presenter told revelers at Hockey Grounds – Lugogo that ‘Abakazi abeyelusa tebawooma’.

Mr. Henrie’s statement was directed to Prima Kardashi who mercilessly dumped him in July this year after landing new loaded bae, Medi Moore.

Prima connected with Medi Moore in Dubai and partied non stop, forgetting about Mr. Henrie who was at home looking after her children.

Jetting back in Uganda, Prima officially parted ways with Mr. Herie and deleted all his photos from social media pages. In an interview with Faridah Nakazibwe on Mwasuze Mutya, Prima said she let Mr. Henrie go because he was too good for her.

Following months of silence, this month Mr. Henrie said he was too good for Prima and that she couldn’t keep up. But Mr. Henrie looks so bitter and has been attacking Prima.

But yesterday’s words left many shaking their heads after he publicly told revelers ‘Abakazi abeyelusa tebawooma’ before asking the crowd to name the person he was referring to.

As netizens started sharing Mr. Henrie’s video online, Prima took to her Facebook page and branded the Galaxy FM presenter stupid.

“I don’t always tolerate stupid people, But when i do, I’m probably at work”, Prima posted.

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