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Public Divided Over Sheebah Karungi’s Claim That As Musicians, Raising Children Is Not Their Responsibility

After Sheebah claimed that raising society children is not her responsibility as a musician, the public has been divided with some supporting and others condemning her.

In her post, Sheebah said she left home at 14, so no one should pressurize her in raising their children.

“I left home at 14. Do not pressurize me into raising your child. A child can’t leave the values of you the mother, aunties or the father, to come to learn what I do. You are ignorant! Let people think about it. Do not hand us the responsibility of raising your children.”

Sheebah said this after the ministry of education came out to stop musicians from performing in schools. The reason they gave for this is because of the way artistes go dressed in schools and yet apparently they are supposed to inspire children.

Sheebah’s name was one of the loudest names when it came to artists who dress poorly when visiting schools. However, she says it’s absurd that a child will neglect her parents’ values to catch up with hers.

The public didn’t go soft on this as most of them criticized her for making such remarks.

“Sister Sheebah should honestly keep quiet. She’s making missteps that will annihilate her stature. I think she is kind of frustrated, ever since she left TNS. And with the emergence of this pinky gal adding more. She needs handlers,” a one Jimmy Kanonya said.

“Her leaving home is none of our business. If u are called to perform at a school, dress appropriately for the school that’s all. We are mending our society,” a one Adyeeri commented.

On the other hand, some people think Sheebah is making a lot of sense in her post.

“Stop blaming Sheebah for the failure of your child’s upbringing ..we also grew up when there was a lot of immorality but our parents were extremely strict on us…. So dear parents you are number one in your children’s lives…don’t even stress Sheebah,” a one Bravo Angel said.

“Honestly raise your own children to what you want them to be. Not forgetting, music is an art not an office job. If one day your child wants to become a musician, tell them to concentrate on gospel not the music for business, inspiration isn’t dress code,” a one Felita thinks.

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