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Purported screenshots of WhatsApp messages of bubbly socialite, Alicia Bosschic, pricing her beans at 50k, trend on internet streets

Known for her sultry personality and raunchy dance moves in the home-made video clips she posts on her social media pages, especially on Facebook and Instagram, obviously, lucky men who have Alicia Bosschic’s digits try to shoot their shots.\


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A post shared by Alicia Bosschic (@bosschic_alicia)

The bubbly socialite behaves as if she is single, putting the grandsons of Adam on tenterhooks, with others willing to inject some ‘Bizike’ just to have a taste of her delicious Luwombo of beans!
Purported screenshots of WhatsApp conversation between her and one of the brave ‘Sitya Loss’ clients, are already trending on the internet streets.

In the conversation, the client -in these worrying economic times- sacrifices his ‘Kizike’ just to feed his eyes with Alicia Bosschic’s Southern hemisphere shots.
Pricing her shots at 50k (Kizike), the pair agree amicably and boom, Alicia sends one clip and one pic, but she makes sure that the ‘package’ is viewed only once upon opening, as seen in the screenshots below.

However, the ‘view only once’ restriction might have left a bitter taste in the client’s mouth as he presumably wanted to at least save the photos and video for future use!
Perhaps, disappointed with the limitations, he decided to expose and shame the Bosschic by leaking the screenshots.

Who is Alicia Bosschic?
Well, Alicia is a go-getter, who doesn’t fear taking risks. She identifies herself as a content creator, brand influencer, Digital Marketer and Events hostess. Apparently, that’s where she earns her dime!
When it comes to hosting events, Alicia turns up the mad vibe! Those who have seen her do her thing in the night clubs in the wee hours, leave saying ‘My lord I wonder’. Sources say, besides tipping her, loaded clients scramble to have her digits, so they can hire her services.


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A post shared by Alicia Bosschic (@bosschic_alicia)

A few days ago she fell out with Airtel and threatened to storm their offices, donning Adam’s suit
She accused Airtel of trying dupe her cash and called on Uganda Communication Commission to intervene and possibly crack the whip.

Alicia’s love for loaded men is evident! She often advises her followers to ditch broke guys, for they have nothing to offer.
“Girls date Baganda men from Ngabi Clan. They give money,” she posted on her Facebook on Wednesday.

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