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Qatar gov’t bans s3x during World Cup for unmarried players and fans, says violators risk 7 years in jail

The World Cup is a worldwide celebration of football, but the restrictions in Qatar may be rather harsh as the Qatar government has announced that unmarried players and fans will not be allowed to engage in s3x during the upcoming 2022 World Cup.

The government of Qatar has imposed a seven-year jail sentence for anybody caught in violation of this decree.
Reports indicate that Qatar has informed FIFA about its decision.
The authorities say that “s3x is not the order of the day unless you come as a couple.”
Abdullah Al Nasari, Head of Security at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, is quoted as saying:

“If you want to express your views on the LGBT cause, do so in a society where it will be accepted. Do not come and insult an entire society. We will not change our religion for 28 days. “
This year’s FIFA World Cup is set to get underway on November 21 and run for 27 days. The tournament will conclude on December 18, when the final is scheduled to be played, which is just a week before Christmas.

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