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Ronald Alimpa speaks out on accident, calls for help

Ronald Alimpa is in a critical medical condition, the singer said in a video shared on social media Thursday morning following an accident that left his colleague Lady Grace, also known as Laila, dead.
In the video, Alimpa, who was calling for help from fellow Ugandans, said he is feeling a lot of chest pain.

“You were asking where I’m feeling pain, I feel it in the chest… Ugandans, whoever is seeing me, come to my rescue, my leg has broken, and others are badly injured,” the Lusuku Lwa Cement singer said.

“We need help so we can get out of this situation. We were going to work and we were not able to work.”
In the video, the crooner is seen with a swollen lip, and parts of his arms and legs were covered in bandages. The car from the accident was totalled.

Alimpa was traveling with fellow singers Ragga Fire and Lady Grace, who is popularly known for her songs Laila featuring Izon T and Ezo Kukameeza, according to reports.
Kampala Metropolitan Police (KMP) Deputy Police Spokesman Luke Owoyesigyire said he hadn’t got details of the accident but he will avail information once he has it.

“Personally, I don’t have but you try the PRO traffic,” he said.
ASP Faridah Nampiima, the public relations officer of Traffic and Road Safety, also said she hadn’t got the information on her desk.
Reports indicate that Lady Grace died on the spot in the accident that happened along Semuto in Nakaseke district, central Uganda.

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