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Sex is sweeter than that phone, so keep it out of the bedroom

Turns out phones are the source of all evil as far as relationships are concerned. Everyone knows a story of a break-up that involves a phone.

Text messages have even been included in evidence gathering for divorce cases. It doesn’t end just on the streets. Phones have been a reason why people dress up and cancel sessions.

You are about to get in there, and someone’s phone lights up, and you dry up. A lady you are about to lay picks up her call, and suddenly, your hard-on is gone.

Imagine the moment when you are in the bathroom freshening up for the second session, and the devil tempts her to check your phone. The next thing you know, someone is dressed up and leaving.

People have walked away from good sex because someone else on the other side of the phone knows how sweet this person is. Nothing kills a good session like a phone call from someone you know enjoys the goods.

The right thing to do is to keep phones out of the bedroom. I know, I know. Work calls. Family calls, but then again, sex is sweet.

So make it a rule. When you have a session, put the phones away for at least an hour or two, depending on how thirsty you are. If someone does within that time, there is nothing much you can do anyway.

Make every second about the person you are with. Make it count. Make every stroke about her clit and not the phone buttons.

Make every touch about his body instead of massaging your phone. We all deserve undisrupted sex sessions. For the good of our relationships but also for a good cum.

Till next time, you either cum or be on phone

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