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SEXUAL ASSAULT: Sheebah gives update on her case

Two months ago, singer Sheebah Karungi shared a video on her social media platforms narrating an ordeal of how she was sexually assaulted moments before her scheduled performance.

Sheebah, who looked distressed in the video, did not mention the man’s name but said the man was one of those people you respect and call real role models.

After the video went viral on social media platforms, there was a debate on why the singer, who has status owing to her massive success in the music industry, did not mention her assaulter’s name.

On May 17, Police revealed in a press release that Sheebah recorded a statement in which she named the violator. But Police also did not name the suspect, raising further questions about the concealed sex offender.

Since then we never heard about the matter again and we believe you also want to know how the matter is progressing.

The “Kwata Wano” has spoken out about the case saying that the matter was handed over to the Crime Investigation Department (CID).

While speaking in an interview on local television, the singer was asked if she got justice.

“The CID is handling the case. So those are matters handled now beyond everybody else. It’s my matter, CID, and the person involved,” Sheebah said.

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