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She left me because I didn’t show her off in public, says Victor Kamenyo

Rapper Victor Kamenyo said his girlfriend Ruth Akoragye left him because he wasn’t showing her off to the public.
By not doing that, Akoragye would tell Kamenyo, it was an indicator that he had other girlfriends.

“The reason she left me, she said I wasn’t showing her off in public. I don’t show her to people, I have other girls,” Kamenyo said during an interview with Cruz Xclusive (YouTube), adding that he had taken her to his ancestral home.
“I showed her to my mother. She knows where I come from.”
Asked if he would spend on his girlfriend, the rapper said: “I have no money, I’m a hustler, but whatever little I get, because I work, [we would share it].”

Kamenyo had earlier said that she left him after finding him flirting with another girl over WhatsApp.
He has since made several attempts to win her back, including tattooing her on his chest, singing apology songs, and taking gifts to her house but nothing has worked.
“You’re joking with love, it hurts,” he said.

“In the world even if there are six billion women when you are in love, you can’t think of any other woman better than her. Even if you brought Beyonce [Knowles] right now, she wouldn’t compare to my girlfriend.”
The Nduulu hitmaker is still positive she’ll return.
“I’m still hopeful. I believe in God… and I believe our relationship was blessed by God,” he said.
However, the singer also revealed that ever since she left him, they have not talked over the phone. She also avoids anyone who tries to get them in touch.

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