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Sheilah Gashumba Advises Ugandan Artistes To Feed Both Their Uptown And Downtown Audiences

TV personality and socialite, Sheilah Gashumba, has come out to advise Ugandan musicians to start thinking about feeding their different audiences when it comes to concerts. According to Sheilah, some of these artists are so good that they meet standards of both fans uptown and downtown. She added that these however have chosen to dwell more on the downtown class, neglecting the upper-class fans.

Sheilah cited the example of King Saha who performed at a recent concert by Rwandese singer, Mike Kayihura. According to Sheilah, when King Saha who was one of the performers stepped onto stage, he received a standing ovation.

Sheilah said that some of the revellers might have been seeing him perform for the first time. She was however mesmerized by his performance and the reception he got from fans.

She then took to her Twitter to say that King Saha’s management should plan a concert at Serena Hotel soon. This is because his performance on the said concert left no stone unturned.

Further, appearing on the weekly NBS After 5 program, she listed a number of artists that should engage in high-cost venues. The likes of Fik Fameica, B2C and King Saha are some of the names she mentioned.

“I feel artists like B2C, Fik Fameica, King Saha, really need to think about this other audience they neglect. They always hold concerts for the downtown audience and end up neglecting high-class audiences. They really need to do concerts at the likes of Serena Hotel. There are people who don’t want to go to the likes of Lugogo Cricket Oval, Hotel Africana etc,” Sheilah said.

Well, it’s true some of these artistes could pull off these high-ended urban class shows. But music is another unpredictable business.

Fans will be hyping you up before and when you organize, but only a handful turn up. Some of these would rather pay double the price for a foreign artist than spend it on a fellow countryman.

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