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Sheilah Gashumba takes down most photos of Rickman off her Instagram amid breakup rumors

Netizens believe the Sheilah Gashumba – Rickman ship is slowly but steadily sinking after the former taking down most of the singer’s photos off her Instagram page.

Recently weeks have had rumors flying around indicating how NBS TV presenter Sheilah Gashumba and her lover Rickman are separating.

The rumors which earlier started with allegations that both partners are fed up of the infidelity between them were fuelled farther when a video of Rickman kissing another woman went viral.

Gashumba, however, poured cold water on the allegations as she revealed that the video is old because it was recorded in 2019 before their relationship took off.

Rickman as well aired a few jokes on his social media platforms as he regarded it “the million dollar kiss.”

All seemed well then for the couple until our snoops discovered that Sheilah Gashumba had taken down her boyfriend’s photos off her IG.

Only the photos where she was advertising Abryanz fashion wear with Rickman were left on the page.

It is not yet clear why Gashumba took that decision but it should be remembered that the end of her past relationships, most notably the affair with God’s Plan, have began in the same way.

Rickman and Sheilah Gashumba made their relationship known to the public in mid 2021.

Could it all be coming to an end? Well, the signs are eminent but time reserves the conclusive report to this. We shall wait and see!

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