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SHOCKING! New Details about Tycoon-R.Nile Death Emerge, Police Questions Widow

Last week, a newly-wed father from Birmingham died trying to save his son from River Nile.
Robert Kaweesi, 48, was reportedly with his wife, Justine Katantazi, and their four children, staying in a lodge on the banks of the river Nile in the northern town of Pakwach, when the tragedy happened.

It was reported that his 12-year-old son went swimming in the river at around 6.40pm on Wednesday but when he got into trouble, his father jumped in to help. The boy was rescued by bystanders but Mr Kaweesi was missing, according to reports.
Ms Katantazi revealed that her husband has been living in the UK as he who works as a refrigeration contractor. She also confirmed they had married in Uganda in early August.

Kaweesi, together with his family members and a driver, were staying at Gipir and Labongo Safari Lodge located along the bank of River Nile in Pakwach town council. Mr Kaweesi was believed to have been living in the UK for the last 20 years.
Police speaks out

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga has revealed that as investigations go on, it has been established that at the same spot where the tragedy happened, there are warning sign posts. He revealed that the sign posts clearly read that no one is supposed to swim from there. Enange still wonders why late decided to risk and start swimming from there.
Police questions widow

Police has also revealed that the late’s wife has a made a statement at Pakwach police station. It has been revealed that she recorded a statement that will help to finally reach to a conclusion on what exactly killed her husband.

Friends and relatives raise eyebrows at burial! Widow, children ready to move on
Robert was laid to rest yesterday in Ggolo village Mpigi district. During the burial friends and relatives couldn’t stop whispering into each other’s ears wondering exactly what killed their son.

During the burial, Francis Bbuye a very close friend to the late told mourners that the late didn’t know how to swim. He recalled some years back when Bbuye and Robert had gone to swim at some lake. Bbuye said that Robert almost drowned but was saved by White friends the two had moved with.

While addressing the mourners, widow and children seemingly looked strong. The widow revealed that her husband was a very loving person who never wanted to see anyone sad. She added despite the husband being somehow rich, he was a down to earth person who loved helping.
The children headed by Robert’s elder son called Harvey Katongole, revealed that despite their father’s life short life, he will help nurture and be there for his siblings. He promised to step in his shoes.

The unanswered questions
Mourners still wondered how someone who was swimming from a less deep section of the lake managed to swim and save his son but failed to save his own life.
Also, some people who live near the river were Robert met his death from wonder how could the late’s body be found after 3 days when it was in its original form.

Usually when people drown, it widely known that the body enlarges due to the pressure of water swallowed as one be trying to save life.
Josephine Angucia Police spokesperson West Nile revealed that a Police file has been opened under ‘Homicide’ section to investigate the matter.

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