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SHOCKING VIDOE: Students Filmed “Chewing Each Other’s Beans” in Midland High School Bus

A video showing high school students ‘chewing each others’ beans’ has surfaced online, leaving many Ugandans shocked by the action, indiscipline and skills exhibited by the youthful students.

In the video, students, who were said to have been returning from a trip in Jinja, are seen enjoying each other, with some showcasing great skills in ‘bedminton.’

The video also shows almost all the students near the windows engaged in harvesting beans, totally unbothered by what those looking at them are saying. For as long as the bus is moving, the youthful students are keen on continuing with their business.

In the video, some bodaboda guys are heard expressing their shock at the ‘chewing of beans’ happening inside the bus. One of them wonders if this is not the same scenario that happens in the school dormitory every other day.

On social media, those who have watched the video have expressed mixed reactions. Some have condemned the act and called on first lady Janet Kataaha Museveni’s Ministry of Education and Sports to do something to stop the vice.

Others have even called on the school to come out, identify the students and suspend the ‘bad apples’ so that they don’t spoil others. Some other commenters wondered why there was no teacher to ensure that there was sanity as students returned from the trip.

But some other section of the social media community is arguing that nobody should harass the students captured in the video since these were just enjoying each other, well aware of the consequences of their acts.

They also attributed the shocking ‘bean chewing’ incident to the fact that most schools have tough rules. That when students find any chance to chew beans, they use it as seen in the video.

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