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Sipapa’s lawyers open up on fall out and failure to pay legal fees

Recently, Elgon Advocates lawyers led by counsel Robert Rutaro Muhairwe publicly revealed their withdrawal from city socialite Sipapa’s case.

Sipapa, real name Charles Olim, is being charged with aggravated robbery together with his wife, Shamira Nakiyemba.

In a letter shared online, counsel Rutaro and his team stated that they ditched Sipapa’s case because of his failure to foot legal fees.

The update coming from one of the lawyers, who linked about six different lawyers to Sipapa’s case, is that there were misunderstandings amongst them.

He revealed that the misunderstandings began with a lawyer known as Ssekandi who was sent by SK Mbuga to intervene in the case.

Reportedly, Ssekandi seemed to have felt envious and jealous about the other lawyers who were on the case and decided to make communication in a WhatsApp group that they had created hard.

From that moment, the situation didn’t get back to normal since Ssekandi didn’t want to include other firms on the list of lawyers to be paid.

He notes that the money that they were to share is assumed to be between Shs100m to Shs150m among three firms that were aligned to be in Sipapa’s defense.

He adds that among his colleagues, Frank Gashumba has always been present in his police hearings and mentions.

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