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SMACK entertainment prefect wanted me to show up looking ‘sexy’ – Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi has said the entertainment prefect of St. Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) recommended the dress code for the 2019 raunchy performance at the school.

“The entertainment prefect was specific and told my manager. Tell her to be sexy… he was specific… Tell her not to mind… I also decided to wear my short dress,” Nwagi, born Winnie Nakanwagi, said in an interview with Urban Television on Friday.

“I think when they are planning they don’t liaise with teachers… and when we reached school, students were unruly.”

According to Nwagi, things went crazy when she hit the stage with her backup dancers.

“When we hit the stage, students wanted to dance with us. We didn’t invite them… the entertainment prefect would have set boundaries… but the students came and started dancing with us. It was out of control,” she said.

The ‘Matala’ singer says she rarely wears dresses because people always film her private parts when she is performing in short dresses.

Nwagi says she maintains a strong relationship with students from the school but she learnt a big lesson.

“But SMACK, of course, they have been my fans. Even OBS have given me jobs. That’s not an issue … What I learnt, because I was blamed, parents got annoyed,” she said.

Her performance at SMACK was recorded and a video was shared on social media, prompting the Ministry of Education and Sports to ban secular entertainers in schools.

Most musicians have said they are open to suggestions on the best way to perform in schools, but some like Sheebah Karungi say they won’t let anyone dictate how they work because it’s a parent’s job to show their children the right way.

“You can not just put me in a box… You have to do this because our children should not see you like that… I cannot bring up your children. These are your children, please. They just see me for thirty minutes on stage,” Karungi has said.

“I cannot influence them more than you, the parents. You tell your kids, you love Sheebah, yes, but love her music. Love her character.”

The singer Spice Diana recently proposed that musicians should be given school uniforms when they are to perform in schools.

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