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Spice Diana confesses enjoying a quickie in a car

Singer Spice Diana has confessed how she once had sex in the car with her ex-boyfriend.

While speaking in an interview with radio personalities Doreen Nasasira and Bina Babe, the singer was asked about the strangest place she had ever had sex, to which she revealed having gone wild in a car once.

The singer revealed that she is a good girl who does not love to mess around with men, but at that time she had to break the protocol because she was in need of sex.

“We were in the car with my ex-boyfriend and we both got so horny that we did it there and then,” Spice Diana confessed.

She was further asked by Bina Baibe whether it was a beautiful moment and convenient because she would love to try it but her size is a bit bigger and the ‘Body’ singer replied while smiling, saying that for the sweet things, one will always find a way to improvise.

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