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Spice Diana Finally Opens Up On Her Relation Ship With Diamond  Platinumz, Urges Media To Support Ugandan Talent

Ahead of her 2023 concert, Source Management singer Spice Diana has urged the media to give Ugandan music priority over music from other parts of the world if they want the industry to develop.

On 13th January 2023, Spice Diana will be holding her concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval. Since 2018 when she held her maiden concert, she has been filling up different venues and now she heads to Lugogo Cricket Oval, one of the biggest concert grounds in the +256.

At a presser held on Monday afternoon, the Sili Regular singer revealed that she is planning to hold one of the biggest shows of her career and she dedicates it to her fans who have supported her all the way since 2018.

She thanked the media for positively impacting the growth of the industry in recent months and called upon them to join her on her journey toward the 13th of January 2023.

“I want to thank the media for supporting the industry and nowadays local artistes fill up venues at the different concerts. That’s all we want. As Spice Diana, I am motivated when I see that. We need that spirit because that is the only way the industry can move forward,” Spice Diana noted.

She further urged the journalists to always front the promotion of Ugandan talents before they look outside because it’s from the local industry that they have managed to make a living.

“Be part of my journey and support Ugandan music before we head out to other countries. We cannot front foreign music before our own. Let’s find a way to develop each other. This is our culture, it starts from home before it goes elsewhere,” she added.

Spice Diana on her relationship with Diamond, she says they are just friends as of now but for any change in her relationship with Simba, she is willing to give out updates


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