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“Stop funding Museveni’s dictatorial regime. ” Bobi Wine begs European powers

“Stop funding Museveni’s dictatorial regime. ” Bobi Wine begs European powers

The National Unity Platform head, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi yesterday delivered a speech about human rights in Uganda at the Geneva Human rights convention summit in Switzerland.

In his speech, Kyagulanyi said that Ugandans are living in fear, great pain, and treated as animals for the last 36 years ever since Gen Museveni captured power.

Kyagulanyi added that Museveni treats political opponents as enemies and uses the military to suppress, arrest, torture, and kill supporters of the National Unity Platform and all those who disagree with him.

Kyagulanyi also added that Uganda witnessed one of the most violent unfair elections in world history in 2021 where Gen Museveni rigged the election and declared himself the winner.

Kyagulanyi has asked the European powers to stand on the right side of history by stopping to fund the government of Gen Museveni because it is illegitimate and has caused unending suffering to the people of Uganda.


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