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The five sexiest women in Uganda’s music industry

Ugandan female artists are generally known to be hot. That’s why many are not only popular for their amazing voices but also profoundly popular for their sexiness and beauty. We are going to take you through our choice of the five sexiest female artists in Uganda’s music industry.

Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi is known for her amazing performances spiced up with just the right sex appeal to raise the dead from their coffins in grave appreciation of her hotness. She is a multitalented artist who can dance, act and sing. However, the main attraction of Queen Karma is that she has the kind of looks that can make a man chop his money as he is swept away by his wet dreams of her.

Spice Diana

Her cream-coffee complexion crowns a ladylike manner. There’s something regal about her, like she is a queen from a faraway land where women of her kind shine from within and glitter on the outside. What makes her even more appealing is her down to earth manner, which makes her as accessible even as she keeps a charismatic distance.

Lydia Jazmine

If we are going to talk about the perfect example of a sexy diva, look no farther than Lydia Jazmine. She is blessed with the sort of sexiness that set a man’s eyes on fire as he looks at how hot she is. This lady has possibly the finest behind this side of eternity. Her body is swim-suit ready and I think that in a competition with the best, she would be high and the rest J-Lo.

Winnie Nwagi

Winnie-ing is her game because undeniable sex appeal is her game. This lady simply sets every stage she’s on ablaze with her Fire Baby bosoms and superior posterior. Sure, she can actually sing and sure she is a decent dancer. But all that pales into insignificance compared to the sheer vehemence of her sex appeal. The lady is the epitome of a booty-cutie, if such a thing exists.

Tracy Kirabo (Pia Pounds)

Pound for Pounds, she takes the best pictures on the internet. She is a Slay Queen who is the monarch of fashion and Crazysexycool. Every time she drops a picture, she makes the world picture perfect. Beyond her photogenic appeal, she radiates a self-assurance that reminds anyone who sees or meets her that angels do exist.

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