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There is a lot of pressure from fans – Lydia Jazmine on marrying Eddy Kenzo

Lydia Jazmine is not comfortable with the continued suggestions by fans who want her and Eddy Kenzo’s to walk down the aisle.
In recent years, a couple of celebrities have decided to start a good bond and fall in love with an aim of becoming husband and wife.
Some of those relationships, however, have not lasted to see their first anniversaries, the most notable one being Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s marriage.

Big Talent singer Eddy Kenzo and Lydia Jazmine are the other two artists that have severally been rumored to be dating.
Their closeness and bit of chemistry each time they have stepped on stage to perform together has forced netizens into believing that they are more than close friends.

The fans want to see if the supposed relationship can gravitate towards marriage so as they can live happily ever after as they are both publicly known to be single.
…but Lydia doesn’t like the pressure!
After severally being asked about when she plans to get married, have kids, and start a family of her own, the Mutima singer is feeling the pressure.

While speaking to Spark TV in a recent interview, she asked fans not to apply a lot of pressure on her and Kenzo.
She noted that they are both adults who can make their own decisions on their future basing on their desires and hence should be left alone.
“Is he (Kenzo) not happy, have you seen him crying and searching for a woman on the internet? He is okay. Why do you always poke your noses into people’s private lives?” Lydia questioned.

“You want to find us partners, tell us who to love. No way! Everyone decides who they want to marry and be with, we have the right to. When the time comes and it’s what I want, I’ll do it but that’s not the goal for some of us currently.

“If Eddy Kenzo isn’t interested yet, then it means he is not yet ready. Is he a very ugly man? He is a celeb, doesn’t he have women that love him? When he is ready, he will do it (marry). We love our fans but they put us under a lot of pressure. Personally, I do what I want though,” she added.

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