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Tooro Princess Komuntale a big disgrace –Isma Olaxess

Blogger Isma Olaxess has blasted Her Royal highness Princess Ruth Komuntale a sister to Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru.

The noisy video blogger has said the Tooro princess has become a disgrace to herself, her family, her kingdom and country at large.

Isma said this during a show he features on Urban television. During the show, 58 year old self proclaimed president of bloggers had nothing good to say about the Princess of Tooro apart from questioning her moral conduct for royal standards in the African countries, Uganda in Particular.

Komuntale has a record of jumping from one man to another, for some it’s never that deep but others it goes as deep as a mega traditional marriage which ends with a divorce a few months later.

She’s also known for partying and getting so wasted.

Not forgetting that this has not happened only once and still not sure it won’t continue happening since she keeps getting involved with weird/ funny men, a behaviour that is considered so immoral and a disgrace to cultural norms and values.

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