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Tujune: Bobi Wine sends a strong prayer to God in new song (VIDEO)

Bobi Wine sends a prayer to God to intervene and protect the vulnerable people from the wicked ways of the world in his new song “Tujune”.
For many years, Bobi Wine has fused educational topics in his music to create “Edutainment” songs which pass on a strong message.

Most of his music is rich with messages on hygiene, peace, love, motivation, and so much more – something which has made him a popular singer over the years.

His fame through music has also enabled him rub shoulders with some of the most famous icons globally as a renown politician nowadays. In his new song titled Tujune, Bobi Wine turns to God seeking divine guidance from the wickedness of mankind.

“When one is lost of words, one sings. When mankind becomes so unkind, we naturally turn to the almighty for devine guidance. One, however wonders where to turn when prayers take rather too long to be answered.” -Bobi Wine

Produced by Sir. Dan Magic, the song preaches the gospel of faith in God and how He is the only one who can comfort us in trying times. The visuals directed by Frank Jah of JahLive Films portrays the humble Bobi Wine as he raises his voice in prayer and appreciation to his Creator.

Take a gaze at the visuals below:

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