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Uganda Will End Up Like North Korea Soon Under Museveni – Bobi Wine

T he president of the National Unity Platform Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine has come out to warn all Ugandans that the country might end up like North Korea if they don’t stand up to Museveni’s rule and his family.

This followed a chat with his daughter Suubi. Suubi in a video posted on Bobi Wine’s Twitter page expressed her shock on how North Korea is run.

She told her father how the citizens there have no liberties and live in a country that is tightly controlled by President Kim Jong Un.

“Taata, do you know that there is no Facebook, Instagram, WiFi Twitter or Tiktok in North Korea. There are no people in the streets and when you’re leaving North Korea, they have to check your phone,” the barely 7-year-old girl told her dad.

Bobi Wine then proceeded to tell her that that’s what happens when a country is ruled by a dictator.

He went ahead to tell her how the situation is no different from the one in Uganda and why Ugandans need to stand up and fight for themselves.

Bobi Wine also told Suubi that there is no Facebook in Uganda. And besides internet was also cut down during the presidential elections.

Suubi then told her father that her older sister Shallom accesses Facebook.

The former Kyadondo east legislator however told his daughter that her sister Shallom is just smart. Apparently, she uses VPN to access the social media platform.

Bobi Wine then added that he was reminded of this chat he had with his daughter during the Geneva summit he’s been attending.

This was after one of the activists from North Korea delivered a speech at the summit.


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