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Ugandans Can’t Be Well Represented In EALA If There Is No N UP- Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro

The Deputy spokesperson of the National Unity Platform, Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro, has come out to claim that minus NUP’s presence in the East African Legislative Assembly, there is hardly any representation for Uganda.

He made the comments while appearing on the NBS Barometer show.

It should be noted that parties are now in the initial stages of the EALA vetting process. The NRM takes the lion’s share among the 9 slots offered to Uganda. They take 6 spots while the other 3 go to other parties.

They will elect members in September to represent Uganda in Arusha. However, Mufumbiro thinks it’s unimaginable having no representation from NUP in the Parliament.

He also criticized the Parliament saying that it’s not transparent. He wondered what they have so far done about the increasing cost of leaving of East Africans.

“It is foolhardy to say that Ugandans will be represented without any NUP representative in EALA. EALA is not transparent. The treaty says that they have todo things transparently. Fuel prices are still increasing; have they sat down to discuss it?” Said Mufumbiro.

Mufumbiro also highlighted about NUP’s plan to build a structure as their permanent home in Makerere Kavule.

The party top hierarchy yesterday led by Bobi Wine took tothe  groundbreaking for this structure to commence.

According to Mufumbiro, many were surprised but somethings have to be done in silence in the country. He added that the party has grown and needs a bigger space.

“Today, our party unveiled a place in Kampala, Makerere, where we plan to build our new home. Many people were surprised, but some things have to be done in silence because of the history of this country. @NUP_Ug has grown and needs a bigger place,” added Mufumbiro.

While at the unveiling ceremony, Kyagulanyi said that those who dismissed them as a mere wave will soon realize that they are here to stay. And they are also a committed serious group, committed to leading the liberation struggle to its accomplishment.

A number of people have began donating materials necessary in the construction phase.

This comes as a surprise that the youngest party is aiming at permanent structures when even the ruling NRM is still renting theirs.

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