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University Football League: Chaotic Scenes End Makerere Vs YMCA Match Prematurely as Fans Exchange Blows

The long awaited match between Makerere University and YMCA took place today in Buwambo but got disrupted after running battles erupted amongst the two sets of fans.

Trouble ensued after YMCA’s Ndugu John doubled the lead for the hosts prompting chaos that led to scuffles between the two sides of the fans until police came in to restore order. It was however to late.

Makerere’s Owemugisha Bahinguzi opened the score in the 20th minute but Kigenyi Benon brought back the hosts in the 24th minute by heading in an equalizer past the Makerere University goal keeper.

The game went on with more intensity as the YMCA waved on good patterns of passes until the 40th minute when Ndugu John scored the goal that started all the trouble.

According to our reporter, chaos started earlier on as both team fans exchanged strong words that resulted into hauling of stones between the two sides.

Several players have been injured in the kerfuffle, including the Makerere University goalkeeper and several players from both sides.

The two institutions are on the verge of facing a points deduction or even a ban from the league.

Makerere University was previously suspended over chaos related acts by its fans. The league custodians are yet to comment on the latest occurrence.

We’ll keep you posted.

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