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Vanessa is a gold digger – Ziza Bafana on his ex marrying tycoon Lwasa

Socialite Vanessa has dated several men in the music industry including Ziza Bafana and John Blaq among others.

She recently hooked Masaka tycoon, Lwasa Emmanuel. She was set to introduce him to her parents, but the ceremony was allegedly called off by Vanessa’s family over Lwasa’s disrespecting comments. He helped Venessa to complete her parent’s house. They say this doesn’t give him a right to abuse and demean them.

Lwasa also reportedly gave Vanessa over Shs 30M to organize the function, but she pocketed the money.

When her ex-boyfriend, Ziza Bafana was asked about her, he branded her a gold digger.

“She is a gold digger. She runs after money. Lwasa has a lot, that is how he fell into her traps,” Ziza Bafana said.

It should be noted that Lwasa has so far been introduced by three women.

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