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Vanessa left you because you’re below her league, Lwasa tells Bafana

Businessman Emmanuel Lwasa said Vanessa Vanny left musician Richard Kasendwa, also known as Ziza Bafana, because she realised he is below her dating league.
Lwasa, who is still reeling from the humiliation caused by the same woman, was taking a jibe at Bafana who has made multiple embarrassing comments about him.

“He showed so much contempt for me, he said the likes of Lwasa go after young girls, young girl! Is he calling that old woman young? When you sire a child with a woman [Bafana has a son with Vanessa], does that mean you are married?” Lwasa said while speaking to Spark TV.

“They should separate things. He has a kid with her, but she realised he is not in her class and left him… A woman is old when she is above 18.”
On Bafana saying he is broke for crying over Shs30 million, Lwasa said: “You want me to keep silent? I won’t do that.”

In July Lwasa was admitted to Nakasero Hospital to undergo treatment for typhoid. That’s when he met Vanessa.
“I met Vanessa when I was at the hospital about six months ago… She showed disciplined and took care of me when I was bedridden yet she is not my wife,” he said.
He said that this prompted him to find out more about her.

Meanwhile, Bafana has promised to slap Lwasa if he continues trash-talking him.
“We are not agemate,s and we are not equals financially. I had him crying over Shs30 million which we don’t cry for… you can’t cry over such an amount if you claim to have money… I would expect him to cry if it was over Shs100m. We are different in many ways… I have nothing to say about him unless he’s dead and we go and bury him,” Bafana said, adding that he will slap him if he continues spreading falsehoods.
Vanessa and Bafana met while he had gone to her parents’ home for a function.

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