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Victor Kamenyo’s girlfriend rejects apology gifts, fans debate

Victor Kamenyo continues with the struggle to convince his girlfriend Akoragye Angora to return to his house.

Over the weekend, the rapper visited her house with gifts that included a cake and a bouquet of flowers which she rejected as seen in videos shared on social media.

Angora was in the company of friends who seemed to sympathise with Kamenyo, real name Derrick Katongole, but she was unyielding.

When he handed her the flowers, she leaned over the balcony and threw them away, with no remorse. Kamenyo appeared sombre in all the videos.

He also brought a cake on which he wrote, “I’m sorry, my love.”

“I don’t want them, let him go… Take them away, he can give them to his family. I’ll destroy them… I don’t even want to greet him,” Angora said amidst friends telling her to forgive her man and move on.

The rapper had also earlier handwritten an apology letter, a picture of which he shared on Instagram.

Meanwhile, some of the rapper’s fans believe he’s warming up for a new song. He also has a concert on October 9.

One commenter on the video said: “Nooo, he has swallowed his pride and asked for forgiveness, darling today to find a man doing this my dear…”

Another said: “Victor this should be the last time if she refuses. God might be taking away your problems. Don’t force the relationship, man.”

Another advised: “Fine, you are apologising. But you have shown this girl that you desperately want her. Trust me she will disrespect you to the last point coz [sic] she knows u [sic] love her so much.”

This one wants Kamenyo to let go: “Enough is enough my brother. Go silent, stop begging her, she will come back herself.”

This one seems to have seen through the antics: “But I think u want to make a new song that’s why ur [sic] doing all of this cause no woman can refuse such flower. Me I’m not buying it.”

The Nduulu hitmaker said misunderstandings with his girlfriend were sparked by the information she saw on his phone and misinterpreted.

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