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VIDEO: Bebe Cool is suffering from “Sahaciosis” – King Saha

Kings Love Entertainment boss Mansur Ssemanda, popularly known as King Saha, has disclosed that fellow singer Bebe Cool has for long been suffering from an illness he baptized “Sahaciosis”.
King Saha made the claim while responding to a question concerning his fallout with Bebe Cool. He hinted that Bebe has suffered with the illness for more than a year now.

He narrated that when Bebe Cool went to be diagnosed of the illness, he instead ended up being prescribed a different medication that heals Coccidiosis and rather not “Sahaciosis”.
For that matter, King Saha requested anyone who comes across Bebe Cool to direct him to his home for “Sahaciosis” medication before it is too late.

Saha says that he is the only one with the cure to Bebe’s ailment and that the disease can kill if the symptoms persist.
“My elder has an illness that he has battled for quite a very long period of time. The name of his illness is called Sahaciosis. He has battled Sahaciosis for not only a year or two but for quite some good years.

When he checked into a health facility, instead of treating Sahaciosis, they instead diagnosed him of Coccidiosis. Yet the antidot to Sahaciosis am the only one who has the proper medication to his illness. So, he won’t recover from his illness when he doesn’t seek the help from me.
Whoever comes across him, he should let him know that I have the proper medication to his illness. If he doesn’t, it could even kill him.” – King Saha

When Saha asked whether he will sing at Bebe Cool’s marital function, he gave a very cheeky response that left journalists in awe.
King Saha also trashed Bebe Cool’s allegations claiming that he joined Bobi Wine just because they both puff weed.
Saha defended himself saying if it was the case, he would not have been friends with the rest of artists who are backing him in the UMA presidency race.

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