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VIDEO: Catherine Kusasira ‘surprised’ about Full Figure’s reactions to being insulted by TikTokers

Singer Catherine Kusasira says she is surprised that Jennifer ‘Full Figure’ Nakanguubi was terribly hurt when TikTokers gave her a taste of her own medicine.
While speaking to journalists, Catherine Kusasira explained that just a few years back, Full Figure had turned her into a laughing stock by always insulting her on a daily basis.

Kusasira stressed that Full Figure’s insults that she always directed to her and other individuals used to hurt them but they kept silent about it until one time she dragged her to police and opened up a case against her.

She further wondered why Full Figure is reacting very angrily if the same act is being done against her yet she has always victimized people with her insults.
Backed with her own evidence, Kusasira tasked Full Figure to set free all the individuals she put behind bars on charges of insulting her with immediate effect.

Kusasira threatened that if she fails to do so, she will also revisit the charges she has against her since the file is still at Police.
Among the people Full Figure put behind the bars is TikToker Dr. Cephco who she accuses of having savagely insulted her, and Simple K.

“ I am surprised as well as happy that finally Full Figure got to learn that abusing and insulting people is a bad thing. I can’t believe it that Full Figure said she is being insulted and she got hurt. The people she has insulted and abused who are still silent over her abusive nature are very many.
Full Figure abused and literally undressed me while she was still under People Power to the extent that my children broke into tears.

I want her to set free all those people she imprisoned claiming that they insulted her with immediate effect. If she doesn’t, I am going to revisit the case I have against her that I filed because it is still there.
I want her to apologize on camera and publicly and feel remorse for whatever she used to do. It hurt used to hurt me a lot.” -Catherine Kusasira

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