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VIDEO: Dubai Kaboozi Seller, Brenda Miles Caught Hiding $100 In Bwaguga

Dubai Kaboozi Seller, Brenda Miles Caught Hiding $100 In Bwaguga | VIDEO
Popular self confessed Dubai kaboozi seller, Brenda Miles has been caught redhanded, hiding $100 in her Bwaguga.

Brenda who is popular on the internet for openly advertising herself as the kaboozi seller in Dubai, this time around messed around with wrong guys – the Nigerians.

After a cool service, the Nigerian looked for his $100 dollar bill in vain which prompted him to call his fellows. They started a thorough search and started surfing Brenda Miles’ Bwaguga pages and managed to find it hidden deep.

Most customers have been losing their monies at the hands of kaboozi sellers as they could look for missing currencies in vain.
This time around, most have learnt the trick. The kaboozi sellers now have a new task to find way of hiding their loot.

Watch Video: Tap Here https://imgur.com/a/rYg4m5G

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