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VIDEO: “Find your own man & build from scratch,” Jessica Kayanja bitterly attacks Pastor Bugingo’s Susan Makula

Pastor Jessica Kayanja, wife of Miracle Centre Cathedral, Rubaga boss Pastor Robert Kayanja in her fight against the spirit of Jezebel has come out bare Knuckle and castigated Pastor Bugingo Aloysius’ side dish Susan Makula the more.

Jessica Kayanja asked Makula to find her own man and build from scratch if she’s as hardworking as she claims instead of interfering in someone’s marriage.

“You claim you’re are hardworking, go get your own man, build him from scratch like Teddy did. Teddy built Bugingo but you betrayed her and stole her husband,” Jessica told off Makula.

Pastor Jessica Kayanja added that all the things that Jezebel earns from a married person that’s not her husband aren’t blessed at all to the extent that Pastor Bugingo has also started preaching weird things, thanks to the woman he is tied to of late.

In a tongue in cheek manner Pastor Jessica Kayanja castigated Makula as a witch who found a weak man, bewitched him, and got him to forget his family and children.

Pastor Jesca reminded Jezebel that she’s fighting for earthly things that do not last and forgetting the word of God which is everlasting.

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