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VIDEO: Hassan Ndugga’s fans attacked by spirits during performance

Among the several unbelievable incidents that continue to happen in the Ugandan entertainment industry is Hassan Ndugga’s recent performance.
There was drama at a show when a number of revelers were spiritually possessed as local singer Hassan Ndugga performed some of his traditional songs a few days ago.

Based on a video we landed on, partygoers who are seen rolling down on the stage seem to be out of control as Hassan Ndugga asks his “small gods” to exit from the revelers’ bodies.
Reportedly, by the time the singer left the stage, some revelers had regained their senses whereas others were still struggling with the spiritual attacks.
It is hard to call it a stunt having looked at the revelers who really looked to have lost control of their bodies for a moment.

Take a gaze at the video below:

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