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VIDEO: I’II arrest and detain bloggers who write baseless stories about me – Zari Hassan

South Africa-based Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan has threatened to arrest and detain individuals especially bloggers who write and publish baseless stories about her in the name of gaining likes and traffic.

Zari Hassan also told people who claim to know her just because they met once and had fun together to stand warned.
She noted that when some individuals chill with her, they claim to know her in and out from which they come up with falsehoods about her to chase clout.

The 41-year-old mother of five openly told whoever cared to listen to stop the nonsense of publishing fake and baseless stories about her name in the name of fetching traffic.
She declared that she doesn’t follow anyone else on Facebook except her daughter and vowed to arrest and detain people who write untrue stories about her.

“This is a public announcement and I want to make it clear that am not a fun of anybody expect my precious daughter. She is the only one I follow on my Facebook. Stop claiming that Zari is my friend or fan because we once met at a function or party and took photos together.
I don’t know you and stop clinging on me. That is how you start coming up with stories claiming you know someone and create baseless stories from such.

Bloggers stop the act of loving to get likes and traffic on your pages by writing fake stories and any type of nonsense articles because you know it will fetch you traffic. Zari this, Zari that. I am soon going to start arresting people if you continue publishing baseless stories. Publish only true stories.” –
Zari Hassan

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