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Video: Kapa Cat Vows to Continue her Exposing Her N#dity

Dancehall singer Catherine Tumusiime aka Kapa Cat has vowed to continue exposing her n#dity until the haters die. The Sikyo singer said that she just enjoys exposing what her mama have her.

She then referred on where she gets her inspiration from and it’s none other than the garden of Eden.

The singer said that Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden used to only wrap leaves around their genitals.

Therefore it’s also what she’s taking after being nude on stage and her social media.

Kapa Cat has proved to be the most exposing flesh artist at the moment. You probably wouldn’t want to take your child in a concert where she’s going to perform.

This has not gone down well with some sections of the public who have gone ahead to brand a p0rn0 star.

She however doesn’t care as long as her antics bring food onto her table.

Watch Video:

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