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VIDEO: Kyambogo University Student Beats Up Lecturer in a Lecture Room

Shocking news reaching our desk indicates that on Wednesday 13th July 2022, a second-year student from the School of Management and Entrepreneurship beat up a Lecturer during a certain class that was going on in one of rooms of the RAC building.

It is alleged that this Lecturer stopped the student from entering the lecture room because he was very late. This enraged the student who furiously burst into the Lecture room, grabbed the lecturer by the collar and started beating him up.

The Lecturer who seems to be shorter than the student looks to have been struggling to save himself from being beaten up. Other students are seen intervening to put an end to the rough scuffle.

The student argued that the Lecturer should have explored into the reason why he was late instead of just stopping him from attending a what seemed like an accounting class.

Lately, students are easily taken over by rage, seeing how they have been fighting with security guards at the gate.

Amidst all the stress and difficult times everyone must be going through, peaceful means of settling misunderstandings are highly encouraged and hoped for.

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