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VIDEO | Learn How To Appreciate – Andaman Daku Tells Off Bobi Wine In A Rant

Andaman Daku, the former national boxer and Netherlands based Ugandan socialite has blasted Bobi Wine for showing off and not being appreciative.
On October 8, Bobi Wine jetted in Dubai to perform at a charity concert that was meant help repatriate some Ugandans suffering in UAE detention centers.
Unfortunately, the concert was called off at the last minute. Some of the NUP fanatics and well wishers continued with Bobi Wine’s mission and embarked on fundraising drive to bring the suffering Ugandans home.

Some well wishers sent Sammy of the Mighty Family money and he bought 4 Ugandans tickets and returned home safely.
Andaman Daku’s girlfriend, Rebecca Agaba sent 10m to Map Media to rescue other Ugandans. According to Sammy, Map Media pocketed the money and instead took the 4 Ugandans he rescued to Bobi Wine.

This confused Rebecca who instructed MC Richie to ask Sammy where the 10m went. Sammy challenged Map Media to show air tickets if he claims he is the one who paid for the 4 Ugandans he took to Bobi Wine.
Today, Andaman Daku went live and accused Bobi Wine of being unappreciative. Daku said he expected Bobi Wine to appreciate and post Rebecca Agaba on his Facebook page for her efforts.

He told the NUP fanatics that those who think Bobi Wine cannot make mistakes are mistaken. He reminded them that it’s only God that doesn’t make mistakes.
He also cautioned NUP fanatics who have a habit of abusing others that he is ready to use the Computer Misuse act to bring them to book.


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It should be noted that Andaman Daku returned to Ugandan earlier this year after a long time without coming back home. Upon reaching Entebbe International Airport, he was arrested and detained at Entebbe Police.
Fortunately, Muhammad Nsereko rescued him.

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