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VIDEO: Mama Fina Shed Tears Narrating How Precious Remmie Disrespected Her

Traditional healers president, Sofia Namutebi Sylvia aka Mama Fina cried like a baby narrating how Remma Nakitto aka Precious Remmie aka Ray P disrespected her.

During an interview, Mama Fina said she received a call from Fifi Da Queen and asked her to help Sophia Akum who is struggling a child she sired with Precious Remmie’s new bae, Bindeeba Raymond.

As a mother who has helped a lot of struggling mothers, she told Fifi Da Queen to bring Akum and see how she can help her. Few hours, she received a call from Precious Remmie who interrogated her beyond repair.

She asked Mama Fina, ‘Are you a minister in charge of children?, Are you the one handling issues of children?’.

This hurt Mama Fina who burst in tears. She revealed that she came from a poor background and suffered a lot. Now that she has money, she wants to help those in need.

On March 3, a lady by names of Akum Sophia – an Acholi accused Precious Remmie’s newly introduced hubby, Bindeeba Raymond of being a deadbeat dad.

Akum says she met Raymond in 2007 when she was in S.3 and ate her into pieces. Raymond was using names Mubangizi Benedict before changing his name to Bindeeba Raymond.

In 2008, Raymond successfully ballooned Akum and gave birth to a baby girl, Akankwasa Shifrah who is now in S.2. By that time, Raymond had gone to Sudan for greener pastures.

When she notified him of the news, Raymond asked her to take the baby for DNA and sent his brother who provided the samples. It was proved that Raymond was the true dad.

However, Raymond refused to take responsibility and the only amount she has ever received from him was $100 he sent when he was in Iraq.

Akum kept pressing Raymond for upkeep and she was told that he wasn’t satisfied with DNA results. Raymond told Akum to go to Nakasero for another DNA test that he left his blood there and whoever wants DNA that’s where they go.

According to Akum, recently Precious Remmie called her, asked her about the child and promised to get back to her. Unfortunately Remmie told her to look after her child.


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