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Video Of Pastor Shaving Female Members’ Private Parts Angers Believers

Video Of Pastor Shaving Female Members’ Private Parts Angers Believers
A Ghanaian tongue-speaking pastor has caused quite a storm on social media with a video of him shaving the private parts of his female church members.

Newslex Point caught a banner in the church which reads in parts: “3-Day Supernatural Cleansing”. In the video, the pastor informed the women that when it gets to their turn to approach him, they should remove their under garments.

While shaving, another man, perhaps a junior pastor, is seen with a white handkerchief collecting the pubic hair even before they fall. The pastor was so angry as he shaved the ladies. He was fuming that some people had questioned and ridiculed his spiritual directions. He said those who say he is not from God are stupid. The pastor further asked “If I am not from God, am I from your mother? At the time God called me, were you there? What kind of foolishness is this? he blurted angrily.

Many people have reacted furiously to the video. Starboy for instance, wondered if that is a movie. Another member only identified as Francis responded saying the women are to blame now. A one Vigor agreed with him. Another member wishes the government would regulate these so-called pastors. One even went ahead to call the man of God a false prophet.

A one Prophet Carl wondered whether the video was a movie or not, “… the act was gross.” Abubakar, a member of the community described it as demonic while another called Akhosua said the pastor was going to use them for rituals.

It seems the activities of some pastors are brewing so much storm in the media space and people have been complaining. Well, this is not the beginning and most definitely not the end. Let’s watch what happens with our local men of ‘god’.

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