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VIDEO: Sheebah turns up for a show PANT!LESS, flashes her ‘thingie’ to the fans

Popular Ugandan female musician Sheebah Karungi is the talk of social media after she turned up for a show without wearing anything under leaving her juicy sumbie exposed to the fans.

The video comes as we are still waiting for her to reveal the ‘old pervert’, who left her fuming after he apparently slid his hand in her ‘Luwombo of beans’, in front of her team.
In the now-viral video, the energetic mummy-yo hitmaker rocked a skimpy dress that left little for the fans to imagine, and as she was performing, she exposed her bare derriere to the fans.

Thirsty fans were seen zooming in their phone cameras to get the best shots.
The singer’s intention was to trend and her mission seems to have been accomplished since the video has gone viral.

We all know that Sheebah, 33, is a huge fan of showing off skin, something that also the loyal Sheebaholics take delight in and brag about. Whenever she steps on the stage, the self-proclaimed Queen Karma unleashes fire and turns up the vibe, with the help of her thigh power, goddess behind and wasp waist, which rolls and twists like a snake, while performing.

Sheebah is well known countrywide as one hell of a performer who doesn’t give a damn about what society thinks whenever given an opportunity to entertain revelers on shows.
This week on Monday, Netizens woke up to Sheebah Karungi’s rant after tasting the wrath of a horny client, who had booked her to perform.

In her ordeal, Queen Karma, who pleasures herself during bedtime, revealed that the perverted chap found her chilling with the gals in her ride, waiting for her time to hit the stage and he started massaging her soft parts without consent.

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