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VIDEO: The males divided us but they can’t do it again – Sheebah to Spice Diana

Thursday night will forever be remembered in the history books of Ugandan music as the night female artists united and put their differences behind them.

As Spice Diana invited media, close friends, and associates for her Star Gal EP launch, she remembered to also call upon the not-so-close key industry players to attend.

Her supposed nemesis Sheebah was among the invited guests and she respected the invite, turning up with her team to the EP listening event that was organized in Munyonyo.

As soon as Sheebah arrived, the place was turned up as she served hugs to whoever wanted one. Everyone waited to see if Spice would get one too – and she did.

Walking up to the stage amid Spice’s performance, Sheebah made a big statement for the industry as she put her ego aside and squashed the beef that has existed between them for a couple of years.

Visibly excited, Spice Diana expressed how Sheebah has always been her mentor and how media had painted a bad picture of their relationship.

When it was Sheebah’s chance to talk, she expressed her happiness as well, describing the moment as a beautiful one.

“This is beautiful. For me, moments like this as a woman make me so happy because I am a feminist and not a fake feminist but a real feminist so I really love moments like these,” Sheebah stated.

The Sheebaholics star further revealed that the female artists were intentionally divided by their male counterparts but they are now uniting to stop that from happening again.

“Congratulations. I came here to tell you that I see you, I respect you, I respect your hustle.

I came here to tell you that I know the males in the industry started dividing the females in the industry so that they can keep winning but now they can’t do that again. We’re going to unite together, and support each other.

Everybody’s here for you, I can’t wait for the day to do anything you’d want me to do for you, I am here. The female future is now!” -Sheebah


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