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VIDEO: Why Lwasa’s Children Chased Angel Kwakunda Out Of The House Like A Chicken Thief

Yesterday, Emmanuel Lwasa’s children ganged up and chased Angel Kwakunda out of their dad’s house in Bulaga on Mityana Road.

Lwasa built this house for his old wife, Martha Lwasa who resides in Canada.

When Lwasa re-united with Angel at the beginning of June, he took her to Bulaga where she has been staying with some of Lwasa’s old children.

On returning back home yesterday, the children refused to open the gate for Angel and instead threw her belongings outside. They accuse Angel of humiliating their dad, torturing and bewitching them.

They even opened a case at Bulaga police station, SDREF:23/5/7/2022.

After being denied access to the house, Angel ran to the police and accused Lwasa’s children of beating and stealing 10m from her. However, she refused to record a statement.

According to Lwasa, his children chased Angel after discovering she was behind the circulation of the recent video.

The Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango confirmed the development and confirmed Lwasa’s children opened the case accusing Angel of bewitching them and humiliating their dad.

Today, Angel appeared at Bulaga police station but locked herself inside Lwasa’s Ford Ranger, Registration No. UBL 464Q with her belongings.

She gave instructions to her lawyer, Precious Nahabwe of Elgon Advocates to file for divorce, accusing Lwasa of being a skirt-loving man.

We shall give you more info as events unfold.

It should be noted after being dumped by BBS TV presenter, Diana Nabatanzi, Emmanuel Lwasa decided to visit Angel’s parents in Nakasongola in March 2021.

They have separated and re-united three times. From what we have been witnessing, Lwasa loves Angel and cannot afford to lose her.

When she left for the first time, Lwasa tried several babes but ended up with her.

Watch Video Here

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