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VIDEO:S3x tape Alert:-Qfm owner who charged Bobi Wine exorbitant fees has his s3x tape leaked

What is Uganda uphold thee without a s3x tape leaking??? An entire year going without a n$de video leaking in Uganda is impossible.

And it seems that we have already got someone to unvirgin the year and it’s none other than Okello Ken the CEO of QFM in Lira.

Okello is remembered for having charged NUP president Bobi Wine exorbitant fees for studio session during the elections.

He told Bobi Wine to pay 6 million shillings per hour in studio but later turned around and canceled the program.

This gentleman is really good at what he does as he’s seen rivaling Jonny Sins in this video .

The girl is on top of him riding his commando like a real p0rn star. Its not clear who leaked these videos.

What’s clear is how good the two are and enjoyed chewing each other.

Here is the video below.

Tap here: https://imgur.com/a/qlN8pXb#JfL1FvS

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