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VIDEO: Suzan Makula unbothered by critics who call her a homewrecker

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s wife Suzan Makula Nantaba says she doesn’t pay attention to critics who brand her as a homewrecker ever since she snatched Bugingo from his first wife.

She says anyone can call her whatever they want since she has no moral authority to stop people from thinking and saying whatever they want about her.
Suzan Makula stressed that falling in love with Pastor Bugingo was a match that was made in heaven and that when it was time for them to become husband and wife, everything smoothly fell in line.

“I don’t have control over anyone’s opinion so I’m not shaken by their thoughts and critism. What I do is to only control my mouth and act deaf to their comments.”-
Suzan Makula

When asked to explain what about her attracts Pastor Bugingo the most, Makula said she also doesn’t know. She revealed that she just saw the man of God shooting her shot toward her and they eventually fell for each other.

She added that it is normal for people to be hated by others and that it is often seen in workplaces and other environments when people are elected as leaders.
She also hinted about holding a holy matrimony ceremony very soon with plans in the offing.

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