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We don’t pay anyone to attack anyone- Rubongoya

We don’t pay anyone to attack anyone- Rubongoya
The Secretary General, National Unity Platform, David Lewis Rubongoya has dismissed claims made by the DP Party president that NUP is paying people on social media to attack him.

According to a tweet, Mao says that the NUP supporters attacking him on social media have got a pay rise.

“I have been reliably informed that the abusive NUP Social Media goons have got a pay rise thanks to the 3.1 billion shilling IPOD cash. By shining a bright light into their demigod’s shrine I have compelled them to part with some resources for their parrots,” he said.

However, Rubongoya on one of the tv stations in Kampala has dismissed these claims saying that Ugandans know who is for them and who isnt.
“We don’t pay anyone to attack anyone. The people of Uganda are watching. They are intelligent and can read through the lines. They can know who is or isn’t for them,” he emphasized.

Its should be noted that Nobert Mao vowed to take on NUP for two years until social media is sanitized.

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