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We Learnt A Lot From Our Breakup – Daxx Kartel

Singer Sulaiman Ssebunya aka Daxx Kartel has come out to reveal how the break up with his wife Momo19 taught them huge lessons. The couple broke up after they had legalized their relationship. They went ahead to exchange bitter words.

Momo19, a former BBS TV presenter while addressing the breakup rumour last month attributed it to witchcraft. She said that some people were not happy that they had legalized their relationship. These did all they could to jeopardize the marriage and they succeeded.

Daxx Kartel however while appearing on CBS FM said that he can’t attribute their break up to witchcraft. This is because he has no solid evidence.

He added that it’s not right for people to blame witchcraft for all their woes. For the Baala singer, he blamed miscommunication for their troubles.

He also faulted himself and Momo19 for underestimating the situation since each one was busy with their responsibilities.

This breakup was however a blessing in disguise because it helped them to understand each other better. They have now patched up their differences, a thing that has helped them to reunite.

Momo19 last month said that if she didn’t reunite with the singer, she would never date a celebrity again. This is because they are hectic and make one develop a headache.

Hopefully, the couple will live happily after this uncomfortable situation in their marriage.

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